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Mummy to twins Harry & Lottie, who are 2. Who took a lot of hard work to get into the world after many rounds of IVF. 

Married to her best friend and love, Dave. They all live together in the countryside. She is from the North West of England, UK and a former HR Manager who is now raising her twins and keeping a home! 

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Toddlers: they can turn you into a social recluse

​16 September 2014 | PARENTING

I’m in a coffee shop, with my toddler twins. Neither wants to sit in their high chair. I get Harry out, try to amuse him with a Peppa Pig book and all he wants to do is run away from me. He dives under the tables of other people, who are having a quiet chat. “Sorry” I apologise, red-faced, whilst trying to wrestle a laughing small-child still. The other twin (Lottie) screams, because I left her alone...