'Dear John' letter to my social life

21 June 2014 | HUMOUR

Dear social life,

I am really sorry to have to do this - but I am breaking up with you.

I feel as though I had to let you know, seeing as we haven't seen much of each other lately, and I wondered if you were missing me and feeling lonely. 

There is someone else. I am so sorry. I gave birth to twins and they are taking up all of my time and I therefore can't get out to see you as much any more. If I could get some time off Motherhood then it would only be for a few hours, and even then I wouldn't be the same person I used to be. Not like I was...back in the wild, alcohol-fuelled days. I am responsible now and sensible. (And a bit boring).

​We had some laughs though. Who could forget Ibiza with the girls? The hen-party in Gran Canaria. And the very crazy nights-out clubbing. And what about doing all those vodka-shots?

I won't forget how we laughed, danced and drank the night away. Without a care in the world. And then we slept for hours, upon hours, the next day.

I will miss you, but I must move on now - it is time. I have changed. It is not you, it's me.

​I hope that you can find a new love soon. Someone who truly deserves you. Someone who wants you and who intends to treat you properly. Because that person is not me anymore, and I can't be her for a very long time. My heart lies elsewhere now. 

​So thanks for all the memories. And please do take care. I hope that maybe we could catch up again...one day in the future? Perhaps?

Do keep in touch.


Jess x x x x

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